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Sun Life is currently the No. 1 insurance company in the Philippines with a stronghold on financial products such as insurance and mutual funds. In 2016, its  Corporate Office updated Sun Life’s purpose of “Helping our Clients achieve long term financial security” to include wellness by inserting the phrase “live healthier lives.” During this time, the marketing department supported health initiatives but did not have an integrated marketing effort focused on wellness.


To add, based on the Sun Life Asia Health Index 2016, 83% of Filipinos place a high importance on being healthy, but this did not translate into action as 61% did not exercise regularly and 30% felt less healthy than 3 years ago.



  • To create a new wellness program that fortifies the position of Sun Life as a strong advocate of wellness on top of its financial advocacy campaign

  • To increase client engagement

  • To support the sales of Sun Life products, particularly its health and accident insurance products

  • To change consumer behaviour by encouraging Filipinos to prepare for their future not just through financial planning but also by caring for their health  


I was initially hired as a consultant to evaluate the previous health website of the company, research the current market and its competitors, and develop a business plan. I proposed GoWell, a wellness community promoting holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating and living a balanced life integrating digital and onsite events. 


GoWell is currently positioned as a brand building and client engagement program of Sun Life. It is a wellness community promoting holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balanced life. The two main components of the program are digital and event activations.


In the digital front, GoWell’s website (www.gowell.com.ph) has the following features: health and wellness content, event calendar, points and rewards, and perks. A GoWell e-newsletter was launched in December and is sent twice a month to members. GoWell offers two types of membership: Teal for the general public and Gold for individuals insured with Sun Life's health and accident product, SUN Fit and Well. Gold members receive exclusive Gold fitness classes, better perks, and higher reward points. 



For events, GoWell hosts monthly Community Workouts featuring uniquely themed workouts with as much as 300 participants.  GoWell also holds its free Gold fitness classes at various gyms within Metro Manila ranging from spinning to boxing classes.


In Sun Life’s Global Competitive Brand Survey, Sun Life was noted as having high association for health and wellness as well as clients’ well-being. While this may be due to previous years’ marketing efforts in fitness and wellness, it may also be attributed to GoWell’s marketing campaign harping heavily on “holistic wellness” as opposed to only fitness and exercise as competitors were doing.


As of July 2019, GoWell had over 14, 000 members and continued to gain ground in the market supporting the company's health and accident products.


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July 2016 to 2019

GoWell Launch (Sep2016)

3-day fitness retreat in Shangrila Boracay with Manila's fitness celebrities and media as special guests. Concept and program developed by myself and executed by the GoWell team and marketing department


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