Founder and CEO of The Bull Runner (TBR), a top running blog in the Philippines, its print spin-off, TBR Magazine, and TBR Dream Marathon, the first and only marathon in the world for first-time marathoners. TBR Dream Marathon was recognized by Runner’s World Philippines as one of the top ten marathons in the country.


Leads a team of six part-time remote members based in Manila, Philippines. Responsible for business strategy, content creation, design and communications, marketing, partnerships, finance, customer management, and overseeing general administrative and operations management.


Experienced in working as Project Manager for various digital projects leading diverse multicultural teams in an agile environment using design thinking.


Skilled in product management, branding, and communications in a corporate environment. Worked as Marketing Manager at Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. heading GoWell, a web-based community platform, which grew to over 14,000 members. Responsible for strategy, advertising and promotions, finance, legal and compliance, and supervised events, customer management, digital marketing and IT. 

Previous experience as an Assistant Product Manager for a consumer product in a multionational pharmaceutical company.


20 years of experience as a visual designer developing print and digital material for various companies worldwide.  Strong believer in human-centered design conducting research and empathizing with the target audience to meet user needs.  Skilled in writing and editing having worked as an Editor-in-Chief for three publications for over 4 years. 

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